Hello, I'm Abhishek Shah,
your trusted friend.

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Abhishek Shah
Founder of HNR Tech & HNR Retail

Abhishek Shah is a headstrong person and if he decides to do something then, he surely gets it done by all ethical means. He is fun loving and the coolest Boss you will ever find on planet Earth. He is the definition of the ideal boss to work with. With a very kind and gentle heart and always walking around with a smile on his face, you will often find him interacting and helping out his colleagues.

HNR is his passion and he treats everyone like his own family. Apart from his interest in Web development, he is ardent reader of books like, How to win friends and Influence people by Dale carnegie. It is books like these that make up for his perfect leadership qualities. You will often find him engaged in watching TEDex videos in his free time or roaming around with a big fat book on leadership and management. He adores people like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs and aspires to become as successful as them.